Zulfi Azad

Zulfi Azad

Welcome to the world of Zulfi Azad, a visionary leader and seasoned maestro in the realm of ad filmmaking. With a distinguished master’s degree from Prestigious University, New Delhi, Zulfi Azad brings a wealth of expertise to the forefront of branding, marketing, and positioning strategies. As the CEO of Zasindia, and Director of Planmedia, a Noida-based company, Zulfi Azad’s leadership is marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a commitment to reshaping the advertising and branding landscape.

Zulfi Azad’s journey is a testament to dedication and persistence, reflecting his unwavering determination to master the intricate nuances of the industry. His remarkable career trajectory is underscored by a series of accomplishments that have earned him a well-deserved reputation as a respected figure in the field.

Having honed his skills at a prestigious institution in New Delhi, Zulfi Azad seamlessly combines a discerning eye for design with a robust academic background. His foray into advertising was met with swift acclaim for his unique and innovative approach, laying the foundation for an illustrious career.

Beyond borders, Zulfi Azad’s portfolio spans diverse regions including the UAE, Europe, India, and Africa, demonstrating his ability to navigate varied markets and cultures with ease. His international ventures underscore his adaptability, as he tailors his strategies to meet the distinct needs of each region.

Zulfi Azad’s path to success has been marked by challenges, revealing a story of resilience, hard work, and an unwavering passion for the craft. Today, he stands tall as a prominent figure in the industry, celebrated for his ability to transform challenges into opportunities and create impactful advertising campaigns that resonate globally.

His decision to re-serve brands in India and elevate them onto the global stage speaks volumes about his commitment to excellence. Zulfi Azad’s invaluable insights have garnered attention from media agencies, leading to features in TV programs and publications, further solidifying his position as a thought leader in the industry.

In essence, Zulfi Azad’s story is one of triumph, illustrating that with talent, dedication, and an innovative mindset, one can carve a niche in the fiercely competitive world of advertising and branding. His legacy extends beyond project successes, serving as an inspiration for the next generation of creative minds, urging them to dream big and achieve even bigger.


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